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If you’re in the market for different sheet metal panels to suit your unique needs, then look no further than our selection. Our range of durable materials ensures that your panel will hold up over time without losing its original quality or appearance. With the help of our experienced team, you can select from a range of design options until you find the perfect one for your requirements. Whether it’s for a large-scale industrial application or a more simple home renovation project, our sheet metal panel profiles are sure to exceed expectations.


Panels are seamed together mechanically using a hidden clip system providing for a wide tolerance of thermal movement caused by significant temperature changes. Most Mechanical Standing Seam panels can be created at the job site allowing for longer panels and seamless lines from ridge to eave. 


Hidden clips are fastened to the roof deck underneath panels offering excellent hold-down strength, then “snapped together” with panel ends for a clean, modern aesthetic. The result is a metal roofing system with high structural performance and excellent expansion and contraction capability as temperatures fluctuate.


Using hidden screws to secure them to the roof deck, panels are seamed together simply by overlapping the male and female legs and snapping them together. No clips or mechanical seaming required. Snap-lok nail strip metal roofing panels don’t require extensive experience to install making them a more affordable option, while still offering the durable, long-term performance of a standing seam system.  


These versatile metal profiles are known for their ease of installation and affordable price point. No seaming or special tools are required.  Exposed fastener metal panels can usually be installed horizontally or vertically making them great for soffits, mansard roofs or a striking accent for interior applications.

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